About Us

A Better Generator Company was started in May 2023. The purpose of creating A Better Generator Company is to focus on the customer. Tired of seeing customers being pushed aside, ignored, or given poor service for many reasons, we know we could perform better while giving the customer the kind of service they deserve. No one wants or likes to be treated poorly. This is where our slogan “Uncommonly Good Service” is derived from. While we are a newer company, we are driven to succeed while also keeping the customer at the forefront of our thoughts. We understand the frustration when you pay for a service and it turns out to be subpar, you wonder, does anyone care? We do and A Better Generator Company is not just a name, we strive to be better than your past experiences.

We offer many of the same services as our competitors, we just have a more competitive price point and a better smile 😁. If you need Preventative maintenance, even if it’s just an inspection we can take care of it. If you need a load bank test to keep within NFPA 110 compliance or just to test/maintain the machine, we would be happy to assist and we have the best rates in Tennessee. If your generator or transfer switch is not working the way it is supposed to or you just need some parameters changed, we would be more than happy to take care of it for you. We currently have a load bank capability of 100% load for 650KW at 480 VAC and 500KW at 208 VAC in addition to two 100kw suitcases. While we grow, we will be focusing on 500KW machines and below. However, that does not mean we would not be interested in working on something larger. If you have a power generation need, whether it be the generator itself or a transfer switch we’d love to hear from you and earn your business.